Steamwharf Stream Restoration Group 

Steamwharf Stream, is a small spring-fed tributary in Woolston, whose source is near Thistledown Reserve. It enters the Ōpāwaho Heatcote River next to Steamwharf Reserve and the Tunnel Rd. It is a significant inanga (whitebait) spawning area which was damaged during the earthquakes. 

The restoration group are planting and removing invasive animal and plant species in order to improve the ecological health of the stream.


The area this group are specifically working on is between Alport Place and Dyers Road, and also in conjunction with St Anne's School, on the western side of Dyer's Road. The restoration can be acvessed via Thistledown Reserve.

Steamwharf Reserve is a small historic park on the edge of the Ōpāwaho Heathcote River and Steam Wharf Stream to the east of the Tunnel Rd bridge. It had a steam crane erected in 1856 which was used by European settlers whose goods were bought by boat from Lyttelton up the river, then loaded into carts Steamwharf Stream from Thistledown Reserve.


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