Mother of All Clean-Ups

Give Mother Nature a gift of a clean river for Mothers Day!

The 2021 event will be held on
Saturday 8 May

(all going to plan...)

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On the eve of Mother's Day each year, some 40 community groups unite to participate in the cleaning up of our river banks and estuary edge.  

This  event is jointly organised by the Avon Ōtakaro River Network, the Ōpawaho Heathcote River Network, the Estuary Trust, Cassells Brewery (Tannery) and City Care. The event is supported by Christchurch City Council, the RATA foundation and Environment Canterbury. The success of this annual event is thanks to  all our fabulous caring and enthusiastic volunteers who turn out on the day for this messy task.






For yearly statistics on what we have collected since 2015 click here.

And here's a 2016 news item.

Mother of All Clean-Ups is only one day a year but everyone can join in the "High Five" campaign any day of the year. What is that you say? Well when you walk around your nighbourhood just collect  5 pieces of litter and dispose in your red bin. Easy peasy!  Imagine if every household did just that? We would sure cut down on litter entering our waterways...

(info supplied by The Estuary Trust)

In 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic the event was held online with a stormwater survey, with prizes and giveaways. It is likely to become an annual event in conjunction with the physical clean up.

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