This page refers to information about whole-of-river issues. For more information about specific parts of the river, please visit our River Network page which lists all the community groups and organisations working the length of the catchment.

Catchment management and waterway restoration

Christchurch City Council – Comprehensive Stormwater Network Discharge (2019)

Opawaho-Heathcote River Catchment: Vision and Values (CCC, 2016)

Surface Water Strategy (CCC, 2009)

Mid-Heathcote River/Opawaho Linear Park Masterplan Part One: The Masterplan (CCC, 2009)

Mid-Heathcote River/Opawaho Linear Park Masterplan Part Three: Key Goals (CCC, 2008)

Waterway restoration (CCC)

Heathcote River Floodplain Management Strategy (CCC & Canterbury Regional Council, 1998)


The iNaturalist Ōpāwaho Heathcote River Catchment Project species inventory has accumulated 6500 observations of 1300 species reported by 216 observers. You can add to this every time you go for a walk along the river!

Ōpāwaho-Heathcote River weeds - Nick Head (2019)

Lower Heathcote River Weed Survey (2019)

Whaka Inaka: Causing Whitebait (EOS Ecology)

Ngāi Tahu Taonga species list

Waterways in Christchurch

Cleanwaterways.org.nz - a fantastic website about urban waterways

Christchurch West Melton Waterways Zone Committee (ECan)

Geomorphology and the effect of earthquakes

Geological processes causing increased flood vulnerability (Tonkin and Taylor, 2014)

Waterways Monitoring

The Christchurch City Council monitors the environmental health of theŌpāwaho-Heathcote River through both water quality testing and ecology and sediment quality.

Waterways Monitoring (CCC)

Ōpāwaho-Heathcote River Health Report Card 2017

Ōpāwaho-Heathcote River Health Report Card 2019



Heathcote River Walks: Walks that explore your city. CCC (n.d.)

Proposed Cycle Way: Ōpāwaho ki Ihutai River Route. (CCC)


Mana Whenua and local history

Tī Kōuka Whenua (Christchurch City Library)