OHRN Group Culture

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Our commitment to a healthy group culture includes:

  • Keeping group purpose, culture and vision for the River in mind

  • Open, honest and clear communication

  • Not too many meetings

  • Having clear roles

  • Being non-judgemental and providing constructive criticism

  • Being reasonably informal

  • Being an adaptable and agile group

  • Using consensus decision-making

  • Acts of leadership

  • Having fun and being enthusiastic

  • Being creative

  • Being responsible for self and reflexive

  • Working with the energy, enthusiasm and skills available

  • Trusting each other

  • Being supportive, respectful, and peaceful

  • Being well facilitated

  • Making progress

  • Being open to learning new ways of doing things

  • Doing what we can

  • Having no ‘shoulds’, ‘oughts’, or failure

  • Commitment to learning Iwi priorities

  • Being efficient with everyone’s time

  • Encourage a diversity of perspectives – thinking beyond ourselves and bringing other perspectives from the community

  • Being courteous, listening actively and avoiding interrupting others

  • Being collaborative